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Amy Schumer Discusses Her Parmigiano-Reggiano Obsession and Her Dream of Having a Sandwich Namesake

Amy Schumer Discusses Her Parmigiano-Reggiano Obsession and Her Dream of Having a Sandwich Namesake

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Comedian Amy Schumer told Jimmy Fallon about her ‘desert island’ meal and desire to have a sandwich named after her

The current queen of comedy talks food weaknesses.

Amy Schumer may have the world laughing as the current “it girl” of unabashed comedy, but she really wants only one thing in the world: a delicious sandwich named after her. Schumer recently answered a series of “would you rather” questions during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she was promoting her latest movie, Trainwreck, co-starring SNL alum Bill Hader.

This is Schumer’s plan for her eponymous sandwich: “I would want it to be a hero, and I want it to be called ‘The Amy Schumer…’ chicken cutlet, bacon, Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, ranch on a toasted garlic bread hero.”

As if that wasn’t enough to convince you that this funny girl has exquisite taste, she also said that her ideal desert island meal would be “Pasta, garlic, lots of parmesan — like, enough parmesan to kill someone with.”

Schumer went on to say that she would happily eat this meal for the rest of her life. We hear you on that one, Amy. Watch the rest of her appearance below.

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This weekend, Belstaff and brand ambassador Liv Tyler celebrated their second capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2017 at London Fashion Week at Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square. The collection . celebrates English countryside vibes circa late ’60s and early ’70s, as well as the rock ‘n roll figures that were drawn to it at the time. Free-spirited women of the era like Anita Pallenberg, Marianne […]

Celestial Spirit Guide Permanent Money Residence Series Episode 4 Creative Fiction Genre and Episode 5 Creative Fiction Genre

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Book Combining Spirituality and Celestial Planes

I admit that I discovered the existence of this Upperworld: Shamanism and Magick of The Celestial Realms title by Chris Allaun simply by chance when browsing into online for another title. I admit that this book interests me for multiple reasons, one reason I feel comfortable with publicly admitting is that some of the content contained within is going to help increase my awareness towards approaching the writing of some creative fiction writing I would like to improve upon. For instance, the author mentions multiple celestial realms connected with different cultures, the author also references different meditations and journeys in connection with each realm that helps inform my awareness of certain writing concepts related to each world, the author mentions about different angels and celestial beings, fate and destiny, and more.

Innovative and Colorful Fantasy Film

I originally had the chance to see Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone when it was released in theaters in the early 2000s in Japan (I had been stationed there via the military). I am very glad to have the chance to obtain the digital version especially because I obtain the chance to catch up on plot ideas and elements that I may have unintentionally overlooked originally seeing the first film multiple years before. For instance the beginning elements of the film opens with some of the how and why Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) was in situation that he was involving his parents, a trip with his aunt uncle and cousin provides an important metaphorical clue towards part of Harry Potter’s persona, the Hogwarts express train, the significance of the Harry Potter character meeting Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Grainger (Emma Watson). A multiple number of other actors and actresses are also obviously featured in the very first Harry Potter film (listed online via Wikipedia internet movie database etc: Robbie Coltrane, John Cleese, Warwick Davis, Richard Griffiths, Richard Harris, Ian Hart, John Hurt, Alan Rickman, Fiona Shaw, Maggie Smith, Julie Walters etc.

Detailed Mediumship Ideas

I am lucky/fortunate to have had the chance to pre-order this Magickal Mediumship: Partnering With The Ancestors for Healing and Spiritual Development by Danielle Dionne (with foreword by Christopher Penczak) by the November 28, 2020 timeframe via Amazon and the paperback version of the book some multiple weeks later. This book covers upon the areas pertaining to why mediumship, reflecting upon personal mission statement, practice fostering improvement even when it comes to magickal mediumship and the use of writing the experiences for both present and future reference, ancestral healing, divination and outside help, multiple resources listed including titles used in the bibliography of this book, and more.

Motivational and Idea Inspiring

I fortunately gleaned some insights and ideas just from watching the first episode of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian Season 1. The people featured admit some of the reasons why they are going for certain body goals and are given help, ideas, and encouragement towards their body weight goals. One of the few caveats I noticed from the episode was one of the participants of the show was comparing themselves to someone else in their family physical appearance wise and obviously this is understandable however I feel that in real life it is important to be careful about comparing yourself physical appearance wise too frequently to even people that you may know in real life even family members both because each person’s lifestyle and mindset might be different which indirectly influences certain results and because even the first episode illustrated how both people accelerated their results when they surrounded themselves with more motivating and healthier competition free influences towards their desired goals.

Early 2000s Remarkable Rock Love Song

I admit that I became curious to once again listen to this astonishing Now song by Def Leppard after recently hearing some other songs by this group on two of my music apps. I only recognized this song because I had heard it play on the radio before in my early to mid 20s. The music and lyrics of the song appear to point to an enduring type of love (though I am taking wild guess on the meaning).

The following is my previous amazon review from March 14, 2020 of I Only Want Be With You by Dusty Springfield

An Uplifting 60s Love Song

For some reason I was recently and spontaneously thinking of this vintage love pop song that is I Only Want To Be With You by Dusty Springfield when my husband was humming another love song. I first heard this vintage pop love song by Dusty Springfield I think via local radio by the time I was in my teens andor twenties. This song has a bright summer vibe to it though it can also be enjoyed year round as a vintage pop song of lyrics that paint a picture of someone describing the some of the first moments of when they started to become more in love with someone.

Entertaining Music Tribute

I recently discovered this captivating song version of I Only Wanna Be With You by Volbeat purely by chance and I admit that it was very easy for me to take a chance on purchasing and listening to this song because of my previous enjoyment of this song in another version last year. I like that this rock song appears to have a euphoric energy to it and appears to be about a type of intense feeling of being love struck in an unexplainable way.

The following is my previous Amazon review from February 23, 2016 of Beautiful Monster by Neyo

Dramatic Yet Splendid Tune

Beautiful monster by Neyo appears to be a dance/electronic song about meeting a woman who is beautiful on the outside but has a mysterious spiritual darkness/mystery/intrigue about her. However, the lyrics of I Don’t Mind seem to convey that he actually enjoys the company of this beautiful woman despite his initial apprehension/hesitation about her. From A Writer’s standpoint, Beautiful Monster by Neyo could probably be a song about a female known for her gorgeous looks but who breaks the hearts of multiple people caught under her romantic spell.

Luckily I have known about the existence of Beautiful Monster by Neyo for multiple years now after noticing the title of the song online(since at least around 2012). This memorable song appears to be about someone some woman that the narrator knows is dangerous for them in some way though they admit that they are fine with having an intense attraction towards this woman because of how beautiful they find her (I’m guessing this beauty could either be physical appearance wise andor some fascinating qualities about this person’s soul andor personality).

The following is my previous Amazon review from December 14, 2014 of the song Gotta Man by Eve

Terrific Blend of pop, r&b, & dance

I first heard gotta man by eve back in the early 2000s when I was living in japan. From my perspective, gotta man by eve sends out a positive message of being with a man who is going to be in the relationship with you for the long haul. Fortunately, im lucky to have eventually met my husband there in 2002 and married him in January 2004, and I have faith that he and I are going to stay married for the rest of our current lifetimes together. I find it interesting in a positive way, that eve created this gotta man song and eventually found lasting love (online sources list that she got married this year). Anyhow this gotta man song by eve is a beaming song about being in a relationship with someone who will stick by you through both good times and challenging times.

Tragic Yet Charismatic Song

I confess that while I did recently hear this fascinating 80s love song of If It Isn’t Love by New Edition via a workplace/employment radio I also had some previous familiarity with this song because it played on the radio when I was very young (around 8 or 9 years old to be precise). This song paints an energy of someone trying to make out why someone is still on their mind despite circumstances logically telling them to do the opposite. The song is created in a way to where a music listener feels empathy for the music narrator even if they created that particular type of love situation by their own hands whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Amusing To Listen To Despite Somber Sounding Meaning

This Nice To Meet Ya song by Niall Horan is a very magnetic song even though it appears to be a pop song about being strongly infatuated with someone else whose feelings for the music narrator might be more on the casual side andor someone who they recently met. Still, this song is very fun to listen to. I admit that I have known about this song since last year and it was even in one of my sleeptime dreams last year for some unexplained reason still I am glad to have to purchase and listen to Nice To Meet Ya song some more.

Anytime Of Day Type of Drink

This 12 pack of 12 oz Minute Maid lemonade cans has a good blend of lemon and sweet drink and has a refreshing taste to quench the thirst on a even a warm summery day. I also enjoy that this type of drink tastes good regardless if it is room temperature or refrigerated.

Terrific Cherry and Lemonade Blend

This six pack of Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade (11.2 ounce bottles) has a perfect mix of black cherry and lemonade taste. Obviously because of the alcohol content of this Mike’s Hard Black Cherry lemonade drink I intend to be careful about the time of the day and occasion that I consume this drink. Still, the blend of cherry and lemonade pack a powerful punch taste combination.

I confess that I have had this blue colored Blue Moon Belgian t-shirt since at least around the late February 2021 or March 2021 timeframe when I purchased it (maybe March). I wish that I could remember the very exact date I purchased it, still this shirt is very comfortable to wear. I reluctantly admit that my current size for this shirt is a size large in mens though it is fortunately a lot more baggier on me since I first purchased yet still very comfortable to wear.

The following is my previous Amazon review from April 14, 2017 of Now 53

Now 53 is a perfect music collection to obtain because of the eclectic mix of music from the pop, dance, and rock music genres Love Me Harder by Arianna Grande feat. the Weeknd, The Heart Wants What it Wants by Selena Gomez, A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay, Shut Up And Dance by The Weekend, Animals by Maroon 5, Beg For it by Iggy Azalea feat. M0, Trumpets by Jason Derulo etc.

I admit that I purchased the kindlebook and hardback version of Get Good With Money by Tiffany Aliche with the intuitive and logical understanding that I am most likely outside the intended target audience for this book. Still, I am very glad that I purchased Get Good With Money that contains among some of the following key areas: 10% Whole Budget chapter section,50% whole chapter on increasing income and the author mentions a success story of a social worker, the author touches on different types of insurance that tie into money budgets, the author has an 80% whole section where she explains what she is communicating with the ideas of increasing net worth, and more. I admit that even with how lucky I am in multiple areas of my life I only finally realized consciously this year the multiple benefits of ensuring that I also budget as much money as possible towards ensuring that I have at least 2 to 4 months of rent money available ahead of time in addition to the current month (especially for cases where pivoting to different career and money circumstances are necessary even if completely by one’s own hand). Still, I feel that also finding out about the existence of this book Get Good With Money the way that I did this year was also perfect timing in synchronicity.

I have to credit my husband for giving me the idea that planted the seed for us to eat at the Bangkok Garden location in Norfolk Virginia yesterday. A few days ago, (this past Saturday) my husband gave me a spring roll from their Virginia Beach location to try and it was surprisingly good even with the fact I was eating it on the 2nd day still cold after coming out of the fridge. Yesterday at the Norfolk location I had the seafood combination that had the shrimp scallops red salmon and I asked to bypass having the squid on the dish(listed poh taak) while my husband had a green curry dish. The food amount I got was a reasonable size and I had some food left over to eat that still tasted good eating the remainders of it later in the day and today. The server we had was cordial and I am happy to say that my husband treated us to the food even after I was prepared to pay.

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Supernatural Themes In Wizards

This interesting 70s Wizards film features the timeless themes of good versus evil and circumstances where the characters of Avatar (Bob Holt) and Black Wolf (Steve Gravers) are important character foils of each other in the Wizards film. Avatar enlists the help of Elinor (Jesse Welles) and Weehawk (Richard Romanus) and eventually Necron 99/Peace (David Proval) to deal with Blackwolf and the group of soldiers he gathers together for his plans. At first, Avatar obtains some time to deal with Blackwolf because a multiple number of his soldiers are far from inspired and are indifferent to whatever Blackwolf wants (seen from one of the plots where one of Blackwolf’s henchmen Fritz (Ralph Bakshi) is trying to motivate one of his fellow soldiers to care more about the group’s cause. However Blackwolf has awareness of certain psychological and mind techniques for his aims which only gives Avatar and his allies a certain time window. The film shows the escalation of this when Avatar and Elinore have to eventually try to explain themselves to Sean(Mark Hamill) one of the sons of a king impacted by some of the events that what have occured in the Wizards film.

Some of Real Life Even Stranger Than Some Science Fiction Themes?

This kindlebook of Films From The Future by Andrew Maynard features an eclectic mix of different science fiction films that deal with deal with futuristic themes. The author explains some details on why some of the films are included in Films From The Future, he explains extensive details regarding some of the films (Minority Report, Elysium etc), some eerie parallels between what has been covered in real-life news in comparison to what has been in some of the science fiction films featured, and more.

The following is my previous amazon review from September 5, 2009 of Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie

Definitely A Book On The Light

I checked this book out from the library today after being drawn to it. I must say that this is a very beautifully written book about a woman who shared some interesting insights she gleaned from her near death experience. One of the wonderful insights that I gleaned from what she shared is on page 58 and 59 that she learns during hear near death experience that imagination is the key to reality. It was interesting for her to also note that simply by thinking positive thoughts and speaking positive words we attract positive energy. Also interesting she shares how some people come to earth with their powers of imagination already developed. She then adds detail to note that there are gifted people who are able to use their imaginations to create new things: both wonderful and its opposite. She also elaborates on this helpful tidbit by mentioning that the ones who use their gifted imaginations in positive ways to the betterment of those around them truly create joy and are blessed. She also shares other interesting information in the book. What I included in the review is just a taster. All in all I would definitely have to say that this book about her near death experience was written in an interesting way with much love and light.

Inspirational and Informative

I am very blessed/charmed/lucky in multiple areas of my life. Still this Miracle Morning Millionaires book by Hal Elrod, David Osborn & Honoree Corder stimulated my interest for multiple reasons, for starters I have been very fortunate in at times manifesting better than expected prosperity and I wanted to get my hands on what offline and online sources I legally can to help me understand more consciously how I manage to attract the miracles for this to unexpectedly happen even at unexpected times and because I usually have to consciously search through my own efforts online articles related to the themes of this book. I admit that I already intuitively and rationally knew that I was well outside the target audience for this book because my own after tax money incomes have varied in multiple stages of my life completely different from the millionaire money income/money midas touch audience that this book is intended for ( I say this with humble intent because I have enjoyed the good fortune of having manifested around 3000 dollars a month after taxes before, around 2800 dollars a month after taxes and then sometimes having months to where I still consider it a good month if I made anywhere between 750 to 1500 dollars a month after taxes). Still I am glad to have become aware of this Millionaire Mornings book which contains among some of the following topics: the authors explain why silence is at times beneficial in someone’s life, it is explained in the book why it is ok to make time for spending time on yourself, writing a daily gratitude journal, the authors explain a technique on page 79 for writing a letter from the perspective of the more prosperous future self that has already achieved certain goals andor objectives, morning routines of various prominent individuals included, and more.

Pleasant and Exciting To Listen To

This music collection of Happiness Begins by The Jonas Brothers has a mix of brilliant music that covers a mix of emotions from very sunny/uplifting/happy to other types in a strategic and powerful way. The title of Happiness Begins gives a preview to the good energy of this music collection, for instance the cheery Only Human song and I Believe give important previews to the feel good theme of Happiness Begins.

This music collection of Back To the Future The Very Best of Jodeci contains a well put together assembly of some of their greatest songs. I admit that it was an easy decision for me to take a chance on enjoying this music collection because I was previously familiar with at least three of the songs on this collection, two of the songs I easily remembered from first hearing them from my preteen/teenage years of the 90s via radio. If you are completely new to hearing music by Jodeci and are still deciding about this music collection I would definitely recommend first hearing Come & Talk To Me, Feenin, Love U 4 Life, track 11, Stay etc. to listen to because those are some of the songs that showcase the smoldering energy of this music.

80s Vintage Entertaining Song

This I Want You song by Shana is a terrific blend of 80s freestyle and club music. The vocals/lyrics are pretty much self explanatory and I admit that I discovered this song purely by chance online when I was trying to find and remember another song.

Innovative Music and Guitar Blends

No Son of Mine by Foo Fighters has an energetic and electrifying blend of rock music and guitars to enliven the song. I confess I still need more time to make out the full meanings of No Son of Mine, still the music and song are very energizing to listen to even with what appears to be a song that appears to touch on themes of religion andor spirituality.

The following is my previous amazon review from February 17, 2020 of Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac

Elevating Soft Rock/ Pop Rock Song

I was approximately around 7 years old when I first heard this distinctive dreamy pop song via radio that is Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac simply enjoying this song far from aware of the multiple meanings of this song. The instruments and the unadulterated lyrics to this song appear to tell some type of picture of the way someone is feeling in a colorful way when it comes to their heart (guessing from recent online research of the song and listening to the lyrics). What appears to sound like multiple cymbals andor chiming bells(though I understand the sounds could be coming from something else in the song) at the beginning of the Everywhere song add some enlivening energy.

The following is my previous amazon review from April 24, 2019 of the music collection of 7 by David Guetta

Riveting and Delightful Music Inclusions

This music collection of 7 by David Guetta is a music purchase that I felt that I obtained very much for what I paid because of the high number of songs featuring various other artists in addition to David Guetta that meld elements of club, dance, house and trance in various areas. The music edition of 7 by David Guetta that I purchased has 15 music tracks for the digital edition of disc 1 and 12 music tracks for disc two. What also adds to the entertainment value of these music tracks are the push the envelope type of energy with such song inclusions that feature Say My Name by David Guetta Bebe Rexha & J Balvin, Like I Do by Martin Garrix & Brooks, She Knows How To Love Me by David Guetta feat. Jess Glynne & Stefflon Don, 2U by David Guetta feat. Justin Bieber, Motto by David Guetta & Steve Aoki feat. Lil Uzi Vert G-Eazy & Mally Mall, Let It Be Me by David Guetta feat. Ava Max,Light Headed by David Guetta & Sia and more.

The following is my previous amazon review from April 2, 2017 of Light My Body Up by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne

Glad I Found Out About This Song Online Less Than 10 Days Ago

The song “Light My Body Up” by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne is a sultry dance and club tune that is basically about a self-confident andor aggressive woman admitting her seductive wishes. This song kind of reminds me of two of Nicki Minaj’s other brilliant collaborations with David Guetta (Turn Me On and Hey Mama, I would recommend listening to those two songs first for those who are still on the fence about the exhilarating dance gem “Light My Body Up”). This is because “Light My Body Up” has the same unique dance music energy as Turn Me On and Hey Mama.

The following is my previous Amazon review from June 23, 2018 of Revolver by Madonna feat. Lil Wayne

Revolver by Madonna feat. Lil Wayne is a thrilling dance/pop music combo that appears to basically connect the experience of romantic love to being both exciting yet akin to also an experience of the singer providing a romantic relationship filled with happy moments even they are on the wild andor shocking side. The addition of Lil Wayne in this song adds some music pizzaz to the song that helps a listener understand the music connation of revolver as creatively weaved in this song.

A Los Angeles Times Feature

This Los Angeles Times feature (Special Los Angeles Edition) of Harry & Meghan Their American Life touches on some of the reasons explaining how Prince Harry & Meghan Meghan Markle have always defied convention in their relation. Some of the other features discussed: candid details involving some of what happened when the couple decided to voluntarily release themselves from royal life, a photo of the couple’s son Archie, a photo from Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding day including photos of a multiple number of prominent people who attended their wedding, details from a 2019 interview where Meghan admitted some details on what royal life was like, some of the details on what Meghan Markle’s life was like prior to her time meeting Prince Harry, some details on what Prince Harry’s life was like both before and after meeting his wife, and more.

Black Coffee by All Saints is a heartwarming love pop song that appears to be cherishing and consistently seeing the good in one’s partner through both good and challenging times. All of the voices of the group harmonize smoothly together in this meaningful Black Coffee song.

This Be Near Me song by ABC expresses vulnerable emotions in an imaginative way. This song appears to be about remembering someone from a recent sleeptime dream that evoked strong emotions andor feelings. I have actually been aware of this powerful song for at least over 6 years now because this song happened to play on one of the music apps I was utilizing when ( I was either on my way to work or hearing if after work). This song was recently on my mind again and I am glad that it is available online for purchase because it is a unique 80s song.

I admit that I recently heard this fun song Where The Party At by Jagged Edge more than once in an offline radio format which brought back happy memories for me when I first heard this song early 2000s when I was living in Japan (through my navy employment). The lyrics and amusing dance club and R&B music melds appear to be a classic 2000s melody about simply just having a good time (I admit that I also am gleaning a wild guess from watching the music video to Where The Party At).

Classic Rock From The Heart

More Than Words by Extreme is a vivid classic rock song that has a terrific mix of soothing music and luminous vocals. The two singers of this rock song classic harmonize their vocals together in a well timed way to create a masterpiece of a song.

Keeping The Faith by Billy Joel is a majestic 80s song that appears to be about holding steadfast to a vision andor feelings that circumstances of life can always get better andor improve regardless of how it appears externally andor how long it takes, the song also appears to see the greatest amount of multiple good in present situations/scenarios (just a wild guess I understand Keeping The Faith by Billy Joel could symbolize other meanings). Regardless of the meaning I surprisingly heard this song sometime between 2 to 4 months ago via a convenience store radio though fortunately parts of the song were familiar to me when I recently heard it around this timeframe because I had heard this song through the radio by my teenage years.

The following is my previous Amazon review from February 14, 2019 of Cinnamon Life Cereal, obviously I purchased my most recent cinnamon life purchase from another grocery store because my husband and I eventually relocated to a different geographical area a great period of time after the February 2019 review

Cereal That Blends Well In Cinnamon Sugar Taste With The Milk

My late adoptive mother would sometimes get my younger siblings and I some Life cereal every now and then during my preteen and part of my teen years which shaped me to be receptive and open to eating the this cereal from time to time throughout the years (by the time I was in my 20s/30s). My husband bought this brand of Quaker Cinnamon Life Cereal (13 ounces) for me from a Giant Foods grocery store less than 2 weeks ago. The pleasant cinnamon and sugar blend is also perfect for cereal eaters who like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

This 7.44 ounce container of Campbells Slow Kettle Loaded Potato soup with parmesan crisps and sour cream style croutons has a good blend of savory smooth tastes with the crisps and croutons enhancing the flavor of the potato soup.

Best For Eclectic Belief Systems

I admit that I actually purchased this kindlebook Answers Heaven Speaks by Marisa P Morris Joseph P Morris by May 1 2020 via Amazon. The author covers both the good and gritty circumstances that shaped her growing up including some details on how her life journey indirectly affected her parents and other people who knew her, belief systems on how the author believes and what this has to do with the theme of this channeled book, and more. The caveat is that the way that the author explains her father’s new life requires an open mind including details on different levels of worlds in the afterlife. Obviously I am myself keeping an open mind when it comes to whatever the afterlife is, however the author going into detail on the reminder of some of the spiritual forces that can influence a person unless the person makes a conscious effort on what influences to allow in was worth the purchase of this kindlebook.

Yelp reviews google reviews

I confess that my husband and I mutually chose this H&R Block in the Ward’s Corner area of Norfolk Virginia to have out taxes looked at and processed by an H&R Block employee. Fortunately, the employee handling our tax return helped with our 2020 taxes being processed in a reasonable timeframe despite my husband and I waiting until this past Friday to file our taxes. The only caveat is that I would recommend getting a rough money estimate of how much money the price might be depending on your situation especially with filing before a close timeframe. I fortunately was able to easily pay the money for the tax preparers fee however I intend to remember next year to double check ahead of time. However, my husband and I intend to have our future taxes looked at by H&R Block in the future when necessary especially because the employees involved with our taxes helped my husband and I navigate tricky money tax circumstances involving my work/employment history from last year that spanned two states.

This past Saturday I ordered some food from Café Stella in the Ghent location of Norfolk Virginia and I received the food in a reasonable timeframe. The employee processing my order was cordial and some of the delish foods included carrot cake and a delish cheese and meat mix that included olives goat cheese blue cheese marmalade pickles peppers, some type of spicy deli meat, red bell pepper etc.

Spring Season After Relocating Long Term To Norfolk Virginia Reviews Initiated Tuesday April 27, 2021

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I’m grateful/I feel blessed lucky for all who take the time to come view my online social media postings/writings

Creative andor Mystical Writing Goals

Luckily, I had the chance to pre-order the kindlebook version of The Automatic Writing Experience by Michael Sandler around May 26, 2020 through Amazon and recently purchase a paperback version of Automatic Writing Experience. The front part of The Automatic Writing Experience includes endorsements from multiple other authors about the author’s work pertaining to the topic of Automatic Writing. The author elaborates on what he is communicating on some of the areas that the Automatic Writing experience encompasses, Sandler explains why the automatic writing experience he is addressing differs from certain journaling methods, multiple success stories of others who have used automatic writing in certain key areas of their lives are featured, a section on questions and answers pertaining to automatic writing, the author explains the benefits of offline writing when it comes to automatic writing for at least the first 30 days after incorporating the automatic writing experience type of writings/communications, why the author encourages writers to reread what they have written some time after their automatic writing experiences, the author dedicates a section in the book to elaborate more on some of what he is implying with the section benefits involving trying the AWE writing processes for at least 30 days , Additional resources for readers curious to look into further reads andor writings relating to the material of The Automatic Writing Experience, and more

Author’s Truth is Stranger Than Creative Fiction Life Recollections

I fortunately had the chance to purchase this kindlebook True Tales of The Truly Weird by Danielle Egnew around the August 1 2020 timeframe via Amazon. This kindlebook touches on the author’s experiences of her budding/evolution of her psychic development and how this played a role in a multiple number of her experiences with her friends and family. The author shares her candid feelings regarding Ouija boards, what activates challenging spiritual energies, her time studying in Arizona and connections to some people in her family who lived in Arizona, some experiences the author encountered after relocating from Arizona to Montana after 1990, some of what the author experienced after she relocated from Montana to Seattle Washington by 1993, and more.

This past evening, approximately around 539pm my husband and I mutually agreed to try some food from Redwood Smoke Shack from the Norfolk Virginia location via grubhub. The grubhub driver selected for our order gave our food to us sooner than planned in a pleasant surprise way and the food was delicious. Foods in our order included the following items: my husband selected the loaded mac and cheese with chopped brisket while I chose the naked platter that came with sliced brisket corn pudding and mac and cheese. For dessert we each consumed a bananamisu.

Spring Season After Relocating Long Term To Norfolk Virginia Reviews Initiated Tuesday April 13, 2021

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The following is my previous Amazon review from January 23, 2015 of the Strange Magic film

I unintentionally found out about the release of Strange Magic from Yahoo News. Strange Magic is an uplifting animation tune that also doubles as a musical. Of course, Strange Magic ties into multiple characters that reside in the Bog kingdom and those in attendance at the Offspring Ball. However, the plot is definitely turned upside down when one of the characters collects a love potion for another suitor. The energy from the love potion ends up affecting various characters in different ways. There are musical features from popular songs featured in Strange Magic that are inspired by some of the multiple groups/musicians in Strange Magic such as the People Are Strange theme from The Lost Boys movie, I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston, I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by UB40, Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas, The Love Is Strange Theme From The Dirty Dancing Movie, Strange Magic song (a variant version of this song was also featured on Ella Enchanted), a variant of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (at least the background music) and many other catchy tunes that could take up the length of another review. Overall, Strange Magic is a quirky and family friendly animated film that also has elements of fantasy.

A Biography On Ruth Ginsburg

I admit that I spotted this book Becoming RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Journey to Justice by Debbie Levy at a store within a few miles where my husband and I currently reside and the book seemed an interesting read to obtain. Some of the following tidbits contained in this book: the late Ruth Ginsburg enjoyed entertaining her cousins with poetry performances which they enjoyed watching, some details on Ruth Ginsburg late husband Martin Ginsburg, a Supreme Court Case that Ruth Ginsburg was involved in that involved former Air Force Officer Sharon Frontiero, the significance of the summer of 1980 for Ruth Ginsburg, why Ruth Ginsburg hired a former stay at home father for a law clerk position, and more.

Ruth Ginsburg documentary

This documentary RBG features details on a multiple number of Ruth Ginsburg family members, some details involving Ruth Ginsburg’s mother and father and how this indirectly shaped some of her outlooks, how the death of Ruth Ginsburg’s mother at the young age of 17 indirectly impacted her outlook in multiple areas of her life, multiple people featured who knew Ruth Ginsburg in her personal andor professional life, some of the factors that indirectly influenced her decision to go into teaching when her initial plans to practice law after college went differently than planned/expected, details on Ruth Ginsburg’s husband and multiple factors that contributed to her decisions involving where she chose to study law, some significant cases that Ruth Ginsburg took on involving a female Air Force officer, and more.

A Mix of Various Music Styles Discussed

This kindlebook Last Night A DJ Saved My Life The History Of The Disc Jockey by Bill Brewster Frank Broughton features details on DJs (disc jockeys) pertaining to multiple music genres. Details involving some of the earliest origins relating to DJs are featured involving pagan high priests who directed their people to dance to the spirit world, an 1872 picture relating to the theme the history of the disc jockey, the authors discuss some of the things that go on in a DJs life, a picture of the world’s first DJ, references to multiple musicians and DJs in this kindlebook, multiple clubs referenced involving dancing and DJs, origins/roots of multiple music genres referenced in relation to the theme of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life The History of the Disc Jockey by the authors, and more.

I actually spotted this book Led Zeppelin by Hugh Fielder at a bookstore that is a reasonable distance where my husband sometime after three months ago for a bargain price. Details involving one of the locations where the group recorded their first album, one of the Led Zeppelin albums released in March of the early 70s, some concert photos of Robert Plant Jimmy Page John Paul Jones John Bonham, the significance of the year 1980 involving Led Zeppelin, discussion of the Led Zeppelin music compilation How The West Was Won, and more.

An Interesting Read Regardless of Your Beliefs

This kindlebook 13 Signs You’re A Witch by Valerie Love is best if you are open-minded regardless of your spiritual beliefs because of some of the topics mentioned in this kindlebook that include: what an event involving the author taking her daughter to one of her first grade classes has to do with the theme of this kindlebook, one of the authors favorite occult shows and what this has to do with the message of this kindlebook, some of the celebrities referenced that the author considers “enchantresses” and how this relates to some signs that you’re a witch, the author explains the potential connection between witches and seers, some details about the author, and more.

This Miracle song by Shinedown is a very uplifting song that appears to be about being around someone who inspires to see andor experience life in different ways that are akin to experiencing andor feeling miracles andor seeing the increased good in one’s life.

The following is my previous Amazon review from April 5, 2014 of Invisible Touch by Genesis

Invisible Touch by Genesis is a heartfelt tune about a man who has strong feelings for a woman who can sometimes be hard on his heart. He sings about the invisible hold that she has over him even with the knowledge that loving her turns his life upside down. Invisible Touch by Phil Collins is good to get if you like 80’s pop/soft rock music and/or tunes containing Phil Collins vocals.

I confess that one of my earliest memories of when I actually first heard this masterpiece of an R&B love song that is Feenin by Jodeci was several years ago that occurred in the early to mid 90s. I was actually in middle school and sometime when I was either in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade ( the bus driver of the bus I was on either going to school at before the start of a school day or a school field trip, anyhow they were listening to the radio which was playing this song). Then unexpectedly recently less than a few months ago a radio station was playing this song and I must refrain from sharing further details where I unexpectedly heard this song because I am far from certain if others involved who are regular listeners of the radio station would prefer me to go into further detail. Anyhow, this Feenin song by Jodeci is good to listen to if you are eclectic music listener of multiple music genre songs because the song describes the powerful and intense effect that love can have on one’s soul/spirit in multiple ways.

slight update I just discovered a few minutes ago that fortunately there is a previous Amazon review from March 20 2016 that I had wrote regarding the song

I remember first hearing Be Without You by Mary J Blige around 2006 through both what was either local radio and/or it was featured on television. Anyhow, Be Without You by Mary J Blige is a heartfelt R&B/pop song about feeling so close and connected to the person that you romantically love. I’m grateful to have positive songs like this that remind me of the gift of my husband (who I have known for 13.5 years and have been married to for 12 years) and to me Be Without You symbolizes the idea of enduring Love (even though I understand that this song could be interpreted in other ways).

This moving R&B love song Be Without You by Mary J Blige (kendu mix) is another song that I actually first heard over 13 to 14 years ago though I was reminded of the memory of how heartfelt this love song is when I recently heard this song offline recently via a radio station that I prefer to be discreet about to honor the privacy of the others I was around who may be regular listeners of that particular radio station. This soul stirring love song seems to symbolize having a powerful love connection that is also enduring.

The following is my previous Amazon review of So High by Ghost Loft from May 29, 2016

A Sublime Chillout Love Song

I admit that I frequently discover multiple new songs from Amazon Prime, Pandora, iheartradio, and other online sources. This song So High by Ghost Loft is no different and I heard it for the first time this year via the chillwave radio station of Pandora. The best way that I describe So High by Ghost Loft is a chillout type of love song because the singer creates a music imagery of being with someone in their life who loves them through both the highs and lows of life (with the lyrics you help me up when I’m down). The background music to this song is very relaxing and evokes a serene vibe.

This fun pop/dance song Cake by the Ocean by DNCE grew on me after I first heard it plenty of times around 5 to 6 years ago. The lyrics and music create a festive vibe atmosphere to this Cake by the Ocean song.

70s Classic Rock Love Song

One Of These Nights by The Eagles is a tantalizing classic rock song that uses descriptive imagery in the song. I admit that this song grew more on me after hearing it enough times somewhere around 1-2 years ago. The lyrics and music seamlessly combine harmoniously together.

Sunny Electronic/Love Song

How You Love Me by 3LAU feat. Bright Lights is a meaningful love dance/electronic song that has dazzling lyrics and music that go with the theme of caring for a person through various moments of life. The sunny music pairs well with the lyrics of How You Love Me.

A Vibrant music collection

I admit that I pre-ordered this music collection of Fearless Taylors Version by Taylor Swift in March and the multiple music songs that feature Love Story, Hey Stephen, The Way I Loved You, The Best Day, and more highlight a kaleidoscope of emotions in a compelling way on this radiant collection. This collection is still worthwhile to try even if you are completely new to listening to Taylor Swift’s music, however if you are new to her music listening to the songs of Fifteen andor Love Story might give a music listener a music taste on if they would enjoy Fearless.

I unexpectedly received the pleasant surprise of winning a music collection of these songs of Greatest Hits Vol. 2 The Better Noise Years by Papa Roach from a radio contest that I had recently entered in within a month ago and I obviously jumped at the chance to claim the prize. This music collection has some fantastic songs that are a treat to listen to, for instance Elevate, American Dreams Periscope feat. Skylar Grey Still Swingin Top of the World Face Everything And Rise etc. The only caveat is that some other songs that other music listeners might remember hearing on the radio are missing in action on this collection (Forever, Scars Getting Away With Murder, Last Resort, To Be Loved etc). Aside from that caveat, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 The Better Noise Years is a music treat to listen to because of the inclusion of plenty of other songs that touch on various experiences of life in varied and innovative ways.

Less a month ago, my husband and I agreed to try some food from this Shake Shack location in Virginia Beach Virginia especially because we had previously been to some Shake Shack locations in the metropolitan Washington DC area from previous areas. This location has some machines where you pretty much order the food yourself and return to pick up the food when it is ready My husband chose the shack burger with cheese fries a drink and I had the option that had the hybrid of a cheeseburger and a cheese stuffed fried mushroom cheese fries and a drink. The food was delish.

Approximately 7 to 9 days ago my husband and I tried food from MJ’s Tavern in Norfolk Virginia. It was pleasant enough outside for us to eat our food which tasted appetizing and the foods/drink we selected included fried pickles tuna bites onion rings cheese steak and bread pudding and cherry coke (obviously we did have some leftovers). Our waiter was friendly and the food tasted better than I expected.

This past weekend around early morning timeframe my husband and I ordered some duck donuts from the Norfolk Virginia location of 1541 Premium Outlets boulevard. The employees handling our orders were polite and some of the yummy donuts we ordered included maple bacon, some oreo donuts, some donuts with a cherry like filling some blueberry donuts etc.

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Even with my logical and intuitive awareness that I am lucky/blessed/fortunate in multiple areas of my life this book appealed to me for multiple reasons one reason being is to expand my awareness beyond my immediate external environment of what is available andor exists that might have a beneficial trade-off in career, money, andor other goal enhancement ideas. This book I Got Scammed So You Don’t Have To by Bethany Mooradian shares some of the author’s multiple techniques she has tried in side and includes ideas for other views of this book looking for further cash infusion ideas. Some of the pros: she gives ideas that a person can look into that can be done in multiple parts of the United States andor even around scheduling around an existing job(jobs/career/careers): getting paid to drive, getting a random job being an online guide etc. The caveats: this was written prior to the covid19 pandemic which would obviously mean that a writer may have to do further research on some of the creative ideas mentioned.

Some Features on the Current White House Administration

Approximately around 1 to 3 months ago was when I originally spotted this magazine feature that is The New York Times President Joe Biden Vice President Kamala Harris The History They’ve Made the Future They Inherit. Some of the features included in this magazine edition: A picture of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on inauguration day, a picture of President Joe Biden in South Carolina around the timeframe of approximately February 27, 2020, a picture of President Joe Biden with first Lady Jill Biden with their children in the late 80s, an article pertaining to the police/law enforcement and some of the ways that this might obviously intersect with the current White House administration, a picture of one of Vice President Kamala Harris’s friends from high school and more.

A Brief Kamala Harris Title

I admit that I spotted this book at a store within a few miles of where my husband and I currently live and I took the chance on purchasing Who Is Kamala Harris by Kirsten Anderson. The book covers multiple stages of Kamala’s life even within the short book that feature some details on her parents and sibling, her career as a lawyer in California, and some of the events leading up to her eventually becoming Vice President and more.

I really wanted to completely like/enjoy more my most recent visit at Clean Eatz in Norfolk Virginia for multiple reasons: the employee taking the food order from my husband and I was cordial and the drink that came with the bowl that I ordered was refreshing. I selected a small build a bowl that included salmon quinoa and kale cherry tomatoes spinach banana peppers with salmon cilantro lime sauce and clean herbz option with a Yo Yo Berry smoothie. The small bowl I ordered tasted delish however the berry smoothie I ordered tasted differently than I expected. The fruit in the smoothie tasted fine however I may have been far from use to the taste of whichever smoothie crème andor vanilla powder that comes with the smoothie. My husband selected the black & bleu chicken salad with a chocolate covered strawberry smoothie. The salad dressing that came with my husband’s salad and the chickpeas tasted differently than he expected and naturally he only had a few bites of the salad. However if I ever return to ordering something else from Clean Eatz I might just order the small bowl option only that comes with the choice of liquid drink.

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