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Green beans with mushrooms and chicken breast

Green beans with mushrooms and chicken breast

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We wash the chest, drain it and cut it into thin strips, which we add with salt and pepper. Quickly pass the mushrooms through a stream of water, wipe them and slice them. Peel a squash, grate it and chop finely.

In the hot oil, put the chicken breast and stir occasionally until it starts to brown slightly. Remove the chicken breast on a plate, then put the garlic in the remaining oil, then the mushrooms. When the mushrooms have softened and the juice has dropped, add the green beans, tomatoes, then add the browned chicken breast, salt, pepper and rosemary.

Put the dish in the oven until the sauce drops and the green beans have softened.

23 healthy recipes made with garlic

From chasing vampires to keeping a bad date at bay, garlic has some pretty impressive superpowers. If you're not exactly hanging onTwilightcrowd,a clove or two can add a strong flavor to a dish for just a handful of calories.Garlic is a superfood that is loaded with antioxidants that eliminate free radicals that cause cancer, as well as vitamins C and B6 and manganese that ensure that the various functions of the body are constantly in the form of a vessel.

Get ready to start cleaning and chopping, because aromatic garlic is a bulb, not a spice or condiment.During the peak growing period from February to June, look for firm, full bulbs with dry white or purple skin. Keep the garlic out of the fridge in a cool, ventilated place: A whole clove of garlic will keep for eight weeks and, once the cloves are separated, will last between three and 10 days.

Just in time for National Garlic Day, here are some of the garlic favorites we think really deserve the stinging breath. From soup to snacks and vegetable dishes, get the garlic this weekend with some of the wonderful recipes below.

Main dishes

1. White bean rosemary soup with fried garlic croutons
This is for garlic lovers - or maybe obsessed garlic! Start with twohead fullof caramelized garlic and add a lot of beans, vegetables and homemade croutons (Whole wheat instead of white for more fiber).

Two. Tuscan white bean soup and fried garlic
You probably already have the ingredients (cannellini beans, olive oil, sage leaves and bouillon) for this flavored soup in the pantry. Save time and energy by turning this creamy soup into a slow cooker and then using an immersion blender to mix everything together smoothly.

3. Mussels in white wine, parsley and garlic
White wine mussels sound super fancy, but anyone with 10 minutes and a big bowl can make this Belgian classic. Don’t be afraid of garlic - you might even want to add an extra clove for an extra punch.

Four. Baked eggs with creamy polenta, spinach and garlic
There is nothing better than a dish that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This delicious three-meal wonder combines vegetables, grains and protein in one cute ramekin.

5.Mix garlic, broccoli and cauliflower
This version of beef and broccoli loaded with vegetables is much healthier than the variety of dining containers. To make Chinese food a classic at home, cook fried meat and vegetables with garlic, sesame oil and green onions.

6. Cauliflower soup with fried garlic
Serve this light soup as a starter or combine it with a salad for a light and healthy meal. Put in the vegetable broth to make the ideal vegetable-based recipe for vegetarians and vegans.

7. Garlic and thyme thyme Quinoa
Why stop the garlic flavoring brigade? These pastas are loaded with thyme, chives, onions, paprika and parmesan for extra oomph. Eat one on top of a salad, in a pita or with fried vegetables for dinner.

8. Pan-fried chicken with green lemon-garlic beans
While this dinner recipe isn’t exactly a table with a pot, it’s pretty close. Dress the chicken, green beans and potatoes with plenty of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic and cook for an hour.

9. Chicken with garlic with olives and mushrooms
Research shows that the Mediterranean diet can partially contribute to a healthier lifestyle. And lucky for us, this dinner recipe includes staples from southern Europe, such as garlic, olives, and olive oil, to keep that heart healthy (and saturated hunger).

10. Fish with lemon-garlic and asparagus
Herby, fish and vegetables with garlicwrapmake a quick and healthy dinner during the week. Serve it with brown rice, quinoa or any other cereal for a complete meal.

eleven. Quick Lemon Garlic Fish
This very easy recipe is about marinade, baby. Beat a mixture of parsley, lemon, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, let the fish fillets cool in the 'bait' for a few minutes, then grate them.

12. Steamed fish with lime, garlic and hot pepper
The key to this easy-to-eat Thai recipe is to find the freshest fish possible (seriously, it should be practically swimming). So hit the fish market, cut some garlic and hot peppers and get steamin & rsquo.


13. Edamame Dip with smoked paprika and garlic
Do you need extra protein? Go for edamame (aka baby soybeans for kids) for another bean diving approach. This more substantial snack pairs perfectly with raw vegetables.

14. Popcorn with herbs
Mix a batch of this snack for a pretty, light and healthy alternative to movie room popcorn with butter. Just add olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder and a pinch of salt to some popcorn.

fifteen. Garlic and herbs from white beans
This recipe is healthier than traditional hummus or prepackaged vegetables due to the simple and fresh ingredients. Mix herbs and spices - garlic, dill, mint, parsley and lemon - with dry condiment, you give those pita chips an extremely fragrant partner in the murder.

16. Garlic chips with sesame
Put the usual old cabbage chips, with a powder of ground sesame seeds, garlic powder, onion powder and nutritional yeast (a vegan substitute for cheese).

The sides

17. Focaccia with fried garlic and olives
Use the bread hook accessory on a standard kitchen mixer to beat this flat bread dough in no time. Kalamata olives, fried garlic and a lot of olive oil give it a serious Mediterranean flavor.

18. Garlic with cauliflower puree cheese
Sounds weird, but you won't miss the potatoes in this healthier version of the classic steakhouse side dish. The cauliflower base provides a major portion of glucosinolates, a compound that fights cancer abundant in the stupid-looking white vegetable.

19. Copy green garlic
This versatile dish is bound to be a lot of crowd and also a keeper in the recipe box. Blanch the greens (any variety will do) and then saute them with garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes.

twentieth. Parmesan with garlic Brussels sprouts
If you thought Brussels sprouts were not your thing, “this recipe might change your mind. Don't be afraid to cook them for a while - the crispy edges, slightly caramelized, are worth the wait.

twenty-one. Cauliflower garlic garlic cream
This garlic risotto-esque cheese recipe is an ideal dish of healthy comfort. Mashed cauliflower gives the dish some substance without relying on butter and cream.

22. Spicy broccoli with garlic
A last-minute secret ingredient - vinegar - adds shiny acid to the classic combination of garlic and red pepper flavor.

23. Fried garlic
The Beatles should have called their top song "All you need is garlic", & rdquo; because when fried, this light bulb picks up almost any food. Partially clean a light bulb, sprinkle it with olive oil and let it brown and caramelize in the oven for a while. Then serve the garlic cloves soft, golden, with toast, cereal, vegetables, meat or just about anything else.

What are your favorite garlic recipes? Did we miss the winners? Share your favorite garlic dishes in the comments below or tweet @SophBreene.

- 500 g green beans
- a large chicken breast
- 3 tablespoons broth
- 1 large clove of garlic
- 1 large onion
- 3 teaspoons of oil
- salt
- pepper

Difficulty: easy & middot Preparation time: 30 min & middot Nr. servings: 4

Start by frying the diced chicken breast or make a little oil and add the crushed garlic. 5 minutes of hardening are enough, after which we add the onion and leave it to dry. Add 200 ml of water over it and let it simmer until the onion softens a little and the water decreases.

We return with the green beans, which we also leave to harden so that they brown a little. Over the whole composition we add salt and pepper, the broth and two more glasses of water. Turn up the heat and leave the mixture on the fire until it drops.

Spinach dish with chicken breast

A recipe rich in iron and vitamins A and C, with creamy spinach and pieces of tender chicken breast, with an irresistible taste even for the little ones.

Ingredient: spinach, chicken breast, onion, garlic, Gran Cucina, salt, spices.
Allergens: soy sauce, zara (great cuisine)
Weight: (choose below)

A recipe rich in iron and vitamins A and C, with creamy spinach and pieces of tender chicken breast, with an irresistible taste even for the little ones.

Ingredient: spinach, chicken breast, onion, garlic, Gran Cucina, salt, spices.
Allergens: soy sauce, zara (great cuisine)
Weight: (choose below)

Other goodies

Eggplant salad

The best friend of juicy tomatoes, carefully prepared eggplant salad means the perfect snack with a slice of fresh bread.

Ingredient: eggplant, onion, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

Chicken noodle soup

A soup to everyone's liking and it also has why tasty noodles and fresh chicken compete in flavors with vegetables full of vitamins!

chicken breast, celery, bell peppers, kapia peppers, onions, carrots, noodles, salt, spices.
Allergens: celery, eggs, gluten.
Weight: (choose below)

Cabbage in Cluj

A traditional dish, specific to the Transylvania area, cooked with a mixture of pork and beef, fresh white cabbage and au gratin with cream and cheese.

Ingredient: beef pulp, pork pulp, white cabbage, onions, rice, sour cream, cheese, tomato paste, eggs, bay leaves, salt, spices.
Allergens: eggs, milk.
Weight: (choose below)

Chicken enchiladas

A Mexican mix that will delight everyone, au gratin with plenty of cheese, baked with chicken and carefully chosen spices.

Ingredient: chicken breast, onion, garlic, cheese, hot pepper, tomato juice, oregano, parsley, tortilla, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk, eggs, soy sauce.
Weight: (choose below)

Homemade strawberry ice cream

Ingredient: strawberries, strawberry puree, sugar, fructose, glucose syrup, lemon extract.
Allergens: milk, gluten, eggs. strawberries.
Weight: (choose below)

Baked aubergines

An Italian recipe that brings you the taste of summer on a plate, with eggplant, tomatoes and garlic in the oven, au gratin with a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese that no one will be able to resist.

Ingredient: eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, fresh basil, parsley, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk.
Weight: (choose below)

Rigatoni pasta with chicken breast

Rigatoni pasta wrapped in au gratin and browned mozzarella, with tender chicken breast and fresh tomato juice, in a combination full of taste and flavor.

Ingredient: rigatoni pasta, chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, gourmet mozzarella, tomato juice, garlic, oregano, basil, onion, olive oil, salt, spices.
Allergens: soy sauce, milk, eggs, gluten.
Weight: (choose below)

Mushroom lasagna

Ingredient: mushrooms, parmesan, garlic, butter, mozzarella, milk, lasagna sheets, flour, olive oil, wine, green parsley, spices.
Allergens: flour, eggs, milk, wine (sulfites).
Weight: (choose below)

Beef in brown mushroom sauce

Brown mushrooms come with an intense, specific taste that enhances the aroma of beef. They are brought together in a butter sauce and tomato juice, with garlic and spices that come with an extra flavor.

Ingredient: beef, champignon brown mushrooms, butter, tomato juice, garlic, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk.
Weight: (choose below)

You might like it too.

Parsley puree

Ingredient: parsnips, potatoes, milk, butter, spices.
Allergens: milk
Weight: (choose below)


A traditional and creamy garnish thanks to the abundant butter, which goes well with a lot of goodies, from vegetable stews to pork, chicken or turkey dishes. How do you prefer it?

Ingredient: corn, butter, salt.
Allergens: butter.
Weight: (choose below)

Baked beans

Prepared at home, tasty and consistent, with a balanced aroma of spices mixed in the right amount. The same traditional but smokeless dish, perfect for a day of fasting.

Ingredient: beans, onions, garlic, tomato paste, bell peppers, bay leaves, tarragon, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

Vegetable Pots

A mixture of vegetables full of vitamins in a light but filling dish, ideal to serve as a side dish or main course for those who fast or are vegetarians.

Ingredient: zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, kapia peppers, bell peppers, onions, tomato paste, garlic, bay leaves, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

Potato stew

Among the favorites of many, the fresh potato stew is prepared in tomato sauce, and the onion, garlic and thyme give it a special flavor.

Ingredient: potatoes, onions, garlic, tomato paste, bay leaves, thyme, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

Pilaf with mushrooms

Loved equally by the little ones and the big ones, the creamy pilaf comes with Champignon mushrooms and other fresh sauteed and spiced vegetables, in a mixture of tastes that will perfectly complement the aroma of any goodness you serve with.

Ingredient: rice, fresh mushrooms, onions, carrots, bell peppers, kapia peppers, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

Eating green beans

A light, vegetarian but tasty dish, with green beans and other fresh vegetables cooked as much as necessary in a tomato paste sauce, just like at home.

Ingredient: green beans, onions, carrots, garlic, tomato paste, bell peppers, kapia peppers, dill, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

Mashed potatoes

A classic recipe, made from fresh potatoes, mashed and mixed with milk and butter, in a creamy and velvety puree, loved by everyone.

Ingredient: potatoes, milk, butter, salt, spices.
Allergens: milk.
Weight: (choose below)

Rustic potatoes

They can be added to the table as a side dish next to a meat dish or they can be enjoyed as a main course: baked potatoes with onions and smoked meat will be to everyone's taste!

Ingredient: potatoes, onions, smoked pork neck, parsley, salt, spices.
Weight: (choose below)

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400 g Bonduelle green beans, 300 g Champignion mushrooms, a red pepper, a chicken breast, 100 ml olive oil, salt, pepper, spices from Provence, 200 g cheese, a tablespoon of dehydrated vegetable mix without salt.

1. Fry the green beans in a drop of olive oil for about 10 minutes, first cover the pan, then take the lid and season with salt and spices. When all the juice left in the pan decreases and the beans are soft, add the grated cheese. We turn the hot beans in a bowl lined with aluminum foil and shape a nest with the help of a spoon. Refrigerate for a few minutes to cool.

2. Meanwhile, heat over high heat, in a drop of olive oil, approx. 10 min. , the mushrooms cleaned and cut into thin slices, with the legs and the pepper cut into thin slices, we add a powder to mix dehydrated vegetables, salt and spices to taste. Drain from the pan on a plate and prepare the pan with a drop of oil for the chicken breast cubes. Brown them a little together with a mixture of dehydrated vegetables and a pinch of salt and spices.

3. Carefully remove the green bean nest from the bowl, place a layer of pan-fried vegetables in it and the chicken breast cubes on top. It is delicious and can be served at a festive meal!
Good appetite!

Green bean soup with chicken breast

Green beans are a vegetable endowed with special therapeutic virtues. Also known as the 'sugar consumer', green beans prevent sugar absorption and are a source of fat-free protein.

Green bean preparations have a positive influence on the whole body. Whether it's diabetics, the elderly with osteoporosis or people in convalescence, green beans are a food that can help everyone improve their health.

Green bean soup with chicken breast is an easy recipe and a tasty dish full of flavor.

  • 1 kilogram of green beans cleaned (without heads) and cut into pieces
  • 400 g diced chicken breast
  • 1 diced carrot
  • 4 green finely chopped green onions
  • & frac12 diced red peppers
  • 3 tablespoons chopped tomatoes (canned)
  • 2-3 bay leaves
  • 1 tablespoon white flour
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • 1 glass bag
  • salt and pepper
  • 2-3 tablespoons oil
  • 1 teaspoon dried tarragon
  • 2 liters of water
  1. Put the oil in a pot, add the meat and let it cook on medium heat to catch a little golden color.
  2. Add chopped onion, pepper and diced carrot.
  3. Saute the vegetables and meat, all together, for about 5 minutes.
  4. Add canned tomatoes, green beans (cleaned and washed) and bay leaves, season with salt, then pour water.
  5. Let it cook on the stove over a moderate heat for about 30 minutes, until the green beans and chicken sausages are cooked.
  6. In a bowl, prepare the flour with sour cream, quench it with a little water and before taking the soup off the heat, pour it into the pot.
  7. Add the borscht and tarragon.
  8. We match the taste with salt and pepper.
  9. Let it cook for another 5 minutes after which our green bean soup with chicken breast is ready.
  10. Serve hot with soft bread.

If you want to delight your family with a fuller soup, I recommend you try the recipe of dried bean soup with smoked and rosemary. Find the recipe here with a simple click Dew of rosemary beans

Chicken breast with green beans

The green beans are washed, cleaned and boiled (steamed or in water), season with salt.

For the meat preparation we will use the grill pan, we put it on the fire and when it is heated we put the chicken fillets. Season them with salt and pepper and make sure they are fried on both sides.

When the green beans are boiled, strain them with water and place them on the plate to serve, season with 1 tablespoon of oil / pers, salt and pepper. Put the chicken fillet next to it and squeeze the juice from a slice of lemon.

It is eaten with a slice of bread

. Protein, fiber and carbohydrates are on your plate.

!! ! Please do not use more oil than indicated. YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT

Consumption of lemon as often as possible is very important.

Therapeutic properties of lemon:
Lemon is an excellent antiseptic has antibacterial properties, but not only: it is also a great help for people with low immunity because it is able to & # 8220intensify & # 8221, the production of white blood cells, is also refreshing , and soothing. It is, good against rheumatism and a & # 8220 shield & # 8221 against high blood pressure. It is especially recommended for those suffering from anemia and is a good gastro-hepato-pancreatic stimulator. Also, regarding the treatment of diabetes, this fruit has proven to be excellent. Several recent studies in the US have shown that lemon, consumed regularly and in appropriate doses, has a preventive action against cancer of the intestine, stomach and pancreas.

Green bean dish with chicken

The other day, when we got home we realized that & # 8230. We forgot to go to the market: D. So I took a look in the freezer and found what I needed to make a green bean dish with some chicken. It is a traditional food that is prepared quickly and is very tasty.

1 kg fresh or frozen green beans
500-600 g chicken & thighs, chest
3 suitable onions
3-4 cloves of garlic
2-3 tablespoons broth
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
salt pepper
dill or parsley & # 8211 optional
1 tablespoon flour & # 8211 optional (we have recently given up the addition of flour to food)

1. Saute finely chopped onion in 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil.
2. Add the meat and brown it.

3. Add salt, pepper, a pinch of paprika and crushed garlic or sliced ​​garlic. Add the beans and top up with water if necessary.

4. When the beans have boiled, add the broth, let it boil for about 10 minutes.

5. Turn off the heat and sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Zucchini stuffed with chicken breast and bean pods

Put a saucepan of water on the fire, along with a teaspoon of salt.

Remove the mustaches from the sheaths, wash and put them in boiling water. Leave it there for about half a minute, then take it out and let it cool.

Wash the chicken breast, cut into large pieces and chop on a food processor, then cook in 5-6 tablespoons of oil with a little salt and paprika.

Peel onions, wash and chop.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

The seeds of the Kapia pepper are removed, then washed and chopped.

Scalded sheaths are finely chopped.

Put all these vegetables over the chicken breast, together with the dried herbs (a little thyme, thyme, basil and parsley) and a glass of water and let it boil.

After the water drops, wash the rice and put it over the vegetables, then add 250 g of washed tomatoes, cleaned of tails and given by the robot. Boil the composition until it drops.

Turn on the oven to heat.

The halves of the zucchini are placed in a pan with 100-150 ml of oil, sprinkled with salt and filled with the composition of vegetables and chicken breast. In the pan, add a little salt, 250 g of washed tomatoes, cleaned of tails and given by the robot, then fill with water to the mouth of the pan. Cover the zucchini with aluminum foil and put the pan in the oven.

After the pumpkins have penetrated, remove the foil, and add grated cheese over the pumpkin, and in the pan add two fresh basil leaves, a bay leaf and a few black peppercorns. Put the pan back in the oven until the cheese melts.

Zucchini stuffed with chicken breast and bean pods are served with chopped green parsley.

Method of preparation

I marinated the meat with water, a little white wine, spices, onion and garlic pieces.
I left it in the fridge for about 3-4 hours and then I put a pan on the fire, I put the olive oil and the meat I left on one side and on the other very little to change its color. , let it boil, finally I put the cream. You can also add garlic.

Heat the butter, add the finely chopped garlic and onion, brown a little, add the cleaned carrot, thinly slice it, leave it for a while and add a little water to soften it.
We put the mushrooms, if necessary we add the water to boil and in the meantime we add the pods.
When it is almost ready, add a few finely chopped tomatoes, season with salt and when they have softened, the tomatoes are ready.

Small potatoes in cheese sauce

Boil the potatoes in salted water for a few minutes - the frozen ones should only be rinsed in hot water. it

Tart with autumn vegetables

We prepare a tray with a size of 30/40 cm. or two smaller than 15/20 cm. We are preparing for the beginning


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