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Thermomix risotto with asparagus

Thermomix risotto with asparagus

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Clean the asparagus (see the guide).

Pour water into the jug to cover the blades, close the lid, place the Varoma with the asparagus and cook for 10 min, temp. Varoma, vel. 1.

Cut the asparagus into slices, keeping some tips aside for the final decoration.

Add water to the jug until it reaches 1 l, add 1 vegetable cube (I use the homemade one) and cook for 2 min. at 100 °, vel. 1, so as to obtain the broth you will need during cooking.
Empty the mug by putting the hot broth aside.

Put the shallot in the jug and chop 10 sec., Vel. 5.
Add the oil and brown for 3 min. at 100 ° C, speed 1.
Add the rice and toast for 1 min., Varoma temperature, anticlockwise, speed. 1.
Add the wine and simmer for 1 min., Varoma temperature, anticlockwise, vel. 1.
Also add the hot broth and cook, cooking for 6 minutes at 100 ° C, counterclockwise, vel. 1.
Add the asparagus and season with salt, then cook for about 7-8 minutes, depending on the rice, at 100 ° C, counterclockwise, speed. 1.
When cooked, add butter and Parmesan and mix for 1 min. counterclockwise, vel. 1.

Serve, garnish with white peppercorns and set aside asparagus tips and serve the asparagus risotto.

Asparagus and shrimp risotto recipe with thermomix and without

The very good asparagus and shrimp risotto recipe with thermomix and without, creamy, fragrant and with a delicate but tasty flavor. I love dishes with asparagus, now that they are at a good price, because it is their season, I always have some in the fridge and so just the other day I prepared this risotto with asparagus and prawns, exceptional. It presents itself very well, and its delicate flavor and aroma make it a truly complete first course. The risotto with asparagus and shrimps we can propose it for an important lunch, but also for an everyday lunch, because it is easy to do. Follow me we do together there recipe because of this first course both with the procedure with the thermomix that without thermomix.

Clean the asparagus, cut off the tips and set them aside.

Put the onion and the tender part of the asparagus stem in the jug, then chop 5 sec. speed 4.

Add the oil and fry 3 min. 100 ° speed Soft.

Join the rice and the asparagus tips, working for 3 min. 100 ° anticlockwise speed 1 (taking care to blend with the White wine).

Pour the water and the Thermomix nut, cook for 13 min. 100 ° anticlockwise speed Soft (after the first 10 minutes, add the milk, adjusted by salt and continue cooking).

After cooking, let it rest for a few minutes in the unlit jug, finally add a walnut butter and stir before serving. You can complete the dish with grated Parmesan cheese to taste.


I discovered sushi a few years ago but I had never tried my hand at home cooking.
I found that it's not that difficult and it doesn't take too long either. Are you curious to read the recipe?

• Ingredients x 40 rolls:
300g of rice
450ml of water
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of salt
Spreadable cheese (in my case # Verys & quotverde & quot; vegetable cheese)
Chopped baby carrots
Sweet and sour gherkins

• Method:
We rinse the rice well under running water until the water is clear.
We insert the rice in a pot together with the water and bring to a boil: cover, lower the heat and let the rice cook for absorption for about 10-12 minutes (it depends on the type).
At this point, move the rice into a bowl, possibly of wood or ceramic, and add the salt and sugar that we have previously dissolved in the two tablespoons of vinegar, mix well and let it cool.
We take the sheets of seaweed and, with the help of a spoon moistened with water, we spread a layer of rice on about 3/4 of the surface.
Then we place the cheese and the salted vegetables reduced to strips on the initial part of the seaweed, above the rice.
We then form the rolls, wrapping them quite tightly and closing them, wetting the part of the seaweed left without filling with a little water.
Let them rest for about ten minutes, before cutting them into rings and serving them with plenty of soy sauce.

Risotto with asparagus (for two people)

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  • 30 g of onion into strips
  • 200 g of chopped green asparagus (2 cm)
  • 20 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 160 g of Carnaroli rice (cooking 18 min.)
  • 40 g of dry white wine
  • 330 g of water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • & frac12 cube for vegetable broth
  • 10 g of butter
  • Grated Parmesan cheese, to taste

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How to make risotto with asparagus

To start preparing the risotto with asparagus you start right from cleaning of asparagus. Eliminate the part closest to the root because that would be too hard to eat and consequently would give an unpleasant flavor to your asparagus risotto. Instead, keep the tips, which are the softest and definitely the most tender part of this vegetable. When your asparagus are well cleaned you can cook them in abundant salted water.

When they are ready, all you have to do is drain and cut them into small pieces. At this stage you decide whether to leave aside some whole asparagus or whole tips to decorate the dish when you serve your risotto.

At this point take a pan, pour in the butter and a drizzle of squoolio and add the onion, previously chopped. The onion must be chopped very finely, so that its presence is not felt inside the asparagus risotto. Use a sharp knife for this preparation or a crescent. For a perfect result, you can use a mixer that will give you a perfect chopped onion in just a few seconds.

Put the onion to brown and let it dry for about 10 minutes over low heat. When the onion has dried well, you can add the rice and start toasting it. Continue cooking for about 5 minutes, continuing to constantly stir your risotto to prevent it from sticking and burning.. Then add some white wine. Let the wine evaporate well, avoiding covering the rice, for at least 5 minutes.

After this period of time you can add a ladle of vegetable broth. Do not add the vegetable broth all together, but one ladle at a time so as to keep the rice cooking and always make it al dente. Cook the rice, therefore, being careful not to overdo it because always remember that risottos must never be overcooked but keep cooking more al dente.

When the rice is more or less halfway through cooking, you can add the stracchino or spreadable cheese you have chosen. You can also decide to add cream at this stage so choose according to your tastes and those of your guests. Usually in risottos we tend to avoid the use of cream because it tends to dominate the other flavors. On the other hand, the stracchino cheese gives a hint of acidity to the risotto with asparagus which enhances its flavor.

Mix well to make the stracchino mix well and, if needed, add a little more vegetable broth. When you have blended everything you can also add asparagus to your asparagus risotto. Mix everything well.

At this point add some pepper and season with salt and finish cooking. When the rice is well cooked you can proceed and add the cheese. Use grated Parmesan cheese or, better still, in flakes so that this is even more noticeable when you go to consume your asparagus risotto. Stir for another minute with the heat off.

At this point your risotto with asparagus is ready and all you have to do is serve it to your guests. Go and serve by decorating with the whole asparagus, which you kept at the beginning, or with tips, depending on your tastes. You can also add some flakes of cheese to decorate your asparagus risotto.

Thermomix asparagus risotto

You can also prepare this first course with a Thermomix. For a good risotto with Thermomix asparagus the first thing you will need to do is add the onion in the jug and chop it. After gathering it on the bottom of the jug, add the squoolio and sauté for 3 minutes at 100 ° C counterclockwise fast mixing speed.

Once this is done you can add the asparagus, which you have cleaned and cut into pieces. Continue for another 3 minutes at 100 ° C Anti-clockwise Speed ​​& agrave mixing.

Toast the rice for another 3 minutes and add the vegetable broth a little at a time and then cook for 13 minutes at 100 ° C Anti-clockwise Speed ​​& agrave mixing. Finish with cheese and butter according to your tastes

Risotto with asparagus and shrimp

To give an even more particular flavor to your risotto with asparagus, you can add shrimp. These will need to be carefully cleaned and then added to the other ingredients.

To enhance the flavor of the fish, add lemon or lime zest to the preparation.

Risotto with wild asparagus

Wild asparagus give an extra edge to the preparation since they have a more intense and enveloping flavor.

Cooking will be even faster since wild asparagus usually cooks in less time.

The preparation remains the same as the usual risotto risotto with aspragus that we illustrated earlier

Ingredients for 6 people:
500 gr. rice 400 gr. asparagus 1 piece of onion 40 gr. of olive oil 1⁄2 meas. of white wine 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of thermomix cube 1 meas. milk 30 gr. of butter 50 gr. grated Parmesan cheese salt to taste

Cut the asparagus tips and set them aside. Put oil, onion and asparagus stalks in the jug: 3 min. 100 ° speed 3 Place the butterfly with the rice, the asparagus tips and the wine: 2 min. 100 ° speed 1. Add water and cube: 15 min. 100 ° speed 1. Add the milk after 10 min. and, when cooked, pour into a rice cooker, season with salt, add the butter and Parmesan. Mix well and leave to rest for a few minutes before serving.

Recipe taken from Thermomix & # 8220Ideas for sauces and first courses & # 8211 Rice and Suoi Risotto & # 8221


  • asparagus 400 gr
  • risotto rice 320 g
  • carrot a
  • medium onions 2
  • garlic a clove
  • parsley q.s.
  • extra virgin olive oil 5 tbsp
  • salt q.s.
  • black pepper (optional) q.s.
  • grated parmesan (optional) q.s.


With monsieur cuisine plus or thermomix

    1. Start preparing your asparagus risotto with monsieur cuisine plus or thermomix by washing and cutting the asparagus tips and setting them aside.
    2. Pour the onion into the jug and the cleaned asparagus stem: 10 sec. speed 4
    3. Fill the bottom with the spatula and add the oil: 3 min. 100 ° speed 1 Soft.
    4. Then add the rice, the asparagus tips and the wine: 3 min. 100 ° speed 1 counterclockwise
    5. Add the broth: 10 min. 100 ° speed 1 counterclockwise
    6. Now pour in the cream and season with salt if necessary: ​​3 min. 100 ° speed 1 counterclockwise
    7. If the rice is not yet cooked, add a little water and continue cooking for 1-2 min 100 ° 1 anticlockwise.
    8. Then let it rest for 2 minutes and add the butter and Parmesan cheese and 2 min. Speed. 1 counterclockwise.
    9. Serve your asparagus risotto hot with chopped parsley.
    10. For parmesan baskets see NOTES

    Preparation of risotto with asparagus with the traditional method

    Start preparing the asparagus risotto by washing and cleaning the asparagus then cut into cubes. Also peel the onion and cut it into very thin slices. At this point, pour the oil into a non-stick pan, add the onion and asparagus and let them cook for a few minutes over low heat. Add 1 ladle of broth and let it absorb by the asparagus. At this point, take 2 -3 ladles of asparagus and blend them separately and put them back in the pot. Then pour in the rice and let it toast for a few minutes. At this point add the wine and deglaze. At this point, continue cooking like the classic risotto, pouring the broth and stirring occasionally until it is absorbed. When the risotto with asparagus is almost cooked, add the cream and finally stir in the butter and Parmesan. Let it rest for a few minutes and serve your asparagus risotto hot.

    If you want you can decorate your asparagus risotto with asparagus previously boiled and pan-fried with oil and edible flowers such as violets.

    If you want to serve your risotto with asparagus in parmesan baskets, cut 4 squares of parchment paper measuring approx. 15 & # 21515 cm. on each square pour 50 g of grated Parmesan cheese and distribute it forming a circle of approx. 10 cm in diameter. Then put in the microwave on maximum power for 1-2 minutes. Take the squares of paper with Parmesan cheese and turn them upside down on round coccotte making them rest gently. Let it cool and gently remove the parmesan basket from the paper, place it on a plate and pour the asparagus risotto.


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