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Coconut Milk–Braised Chicken Legs

Coconut Milk–Braised Chicken Legs

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No searing, no chopping, one baking dish. You can find curry paste in the Asian aisle at most grocery stores or at an Asian market; we recommend any from Maesri.


  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 lemongrass stalk, tough outer layer removed, lightly crushed
  • 1 1" piece ginger, peeled, smashed
  • 4 garlic cloves, peeled, smashed
  • 2 chicken legs (thigh and drumstick; about 1½ lb. total)
  • Toasted unsweetened coconut flakes, cilantro leaves with tender stems, cooked rice, and lime wedges (for serving)

Recipe Preparation

  • Place a rack in top third of oven; preheat to 400°. Stir coconut milk and curry paste in a 2-qt. baking dish to combine (or, use a medium skillet if that’s what you’ve got). Add lemongrass, ginger, and garlic. Season chicken with salt (hold back a bit since curry pastes often have a lot of salt). Place in baking dish and spoon some liquid over. Bake, occasionally spooning liquid over, until chicken is browned, tender, and cooked throughout (the joint should be reasonably easy to flex), 60–75 minutes.

  • Divide chicken between plates. Top with coconut flakes and cilantro. Serve with rice and lime wedges alongside.

Reviews SectionFollowed the recipe pretty much exactly as listed. I basted the tops about every 15 min and also rotated the pan in the oven to ensure even cooking. I used chicken thighs, 4 pretty good size. I add a bit more milk and paste. Had good heat and the skin rendered nice and crispy. Skipped the garnishes didn't have that in house. Came out very nice and crispy and brownedMattLike2CookStoughton, MA06/10/20Super confused where I went wrong. I was skeptical from the start, covering raw chicken in coconut milk and expecting it to come out browned and lovely like the picture. It came out rubbery and tan colored, all over. I took the chicken out of the sauce after over an hour of cooking and seared it to the best of my abilities to make it appetizing. Sorry, not great!Delicious. The sauce didn't hold up well for leftovers and just turned oily for me but day of was fantastic. The chicken is very tender and delicious. I will make this again.AnonymousColorado05/11/20Fantastic!! Make sure to double the sauce, it's incredible!AnonymousTennessee 03/15/20My best advice is taste the sauce before adding the chicken. If it tastes bland then, it will be bland after cooking. I added 1T ginger paste, 1/2 T lemongrass, 1t pepper flakes, garlic salt, brown sugar, and curry powder. That helped.KccookingbugKansas City, Missouri03/07/20I made this tonight and it was so easy! I’ve never cooked with Thai curry before so it was really delightful when it turned out great. I added an extra heaping tbsp of the curry and it was hardly spicy, but I understand that store bought curries can vary a lot. I used the rest of the coconut milk I had for the rice! my sister and I loved it (: thanks, BA!chloealealDallas, TX01/10/20Made this the other night and it was so good! I used the leftover coconut milk when making my rice!AnonymousRichmond,Va11/21/19This recipe is finger lick’in good! Soooo simple. I used light coconut milk. I cooked it for 75 minutes in a ceramic baking dish. I also removed the skin from 2 of the pieces because I am not a skin fan and my husband is. This will be a recipe that will become a regular “go to” in my repertoire.AnonymousNew Jersey11/03/19Super easy and delicious weeknight meal. Would recommend cooking this with a lid/foil for the first 30-40 min to keep all the sauce from evaporating. The sauce is boss.Made this one for my adventure eating boys. They loved it, ate it all and caught my oldest souping the left over sauce. Tripled the recipe, added two tablespoons of fish sauce but it wasn’t necessary, lemon grass paste does the job. Delicious.Kim EllingsonBuffalo Grove Illinois 09/27/19We made this dish tonight, it was fantastic! I can’t wait to make it again next week! You can make so many variations of this since there are so many different types of Thai Curry pastes. I will be telling my friends about this easy delicious week night friendly meal!This was good, but was just like chicken curry but using bone in chicken. I used red curry paste.Made this as is, and found it very bland. Easy to put together, and I like the idea of the coconut milk base - but this needs a lot more flavor added if I were to make again. Spent a lot of time/money finding the lemongrass and it just wasn't worth it, really didn't add anything.This is not the recipe that is in the September 2019 issue of bon appetite.I will try the original recipe tonight.AnonymousDebary Florida09/14/19This was delicious - albeit with a few tweaks. I'm not a fan of shopbought curry paste, so made my own. I added around 5 tbsp for 1 can of coconut milk (400ml) and 4 chicken legs - we like it spicy! I also had some new potatoes that needed using up so threw them in to roast with the chicken. As someones recommended below, I added in fish sauce and lime (as is necessary with anything thai I think!!) which really elevated things.End product was delish and will definitely make againAnonymousLondon, UK09/10/19Super easy and tasty! I added an additional tablespoon of curry paste and omitted the lemongrass b/c I didn't have it on hand.AnonymousMinneapolis09/09/19Didn’t make this recipe per se; but I did borrow the technique and braised chicken thighs in coconut milk that had been marinating in a spicy jerk sauce which is usually too spicy, but the sweet coconut milk mellowed it lit a bit and was amazing!Paige_CVancouver 09/08/19This is just delicious easy to make I added my own twist as well. I love it and I will make it againTelemacoSan Francisco09/01/19Holy moly this is delicious. I used Thai curry paste from a Thai market and it was so so so spicy. Just something to watch. Used the leftover liquid to braise cauliflower florets that I served alongside the chicken and it was out of this world. Yum.AnonymousLos Angeles08/26/19So simple and delicious! Will definitely make again. Opt for spicier curry paste if you want a punchier flavor.I loved how easy this recipe was, and how short the ingredient list was! It's fun to braise meat in something other than wine and broth. However, I was slightly disappointed that the end-result didn't have the pop of flavor that curried chicken typically has. It tasted more plain than I anticipated.AnonymousCalifornia03/23/19Loved LOVED this recipe. Followed it although I wasn't sure at first if I should put all of the sauce on the the chicken or in increments when I would open the oven to baste it a bit. The sauce was great and it was such an easy prep. The hardest part was shopping at the local H-mart for just the right curry paste. My one regret is that I didn't have a good garlic naan or roti to go with this. Thank you BA for a great recipe!chchips1Oyster Bay, NY02/01/19Made this tonight and I must sadly say I was not impressed one bit. It just had no flavor. When I use curry paste it usually involves some brown sugar, fish sauce etc. To me just the coconut milk and curry paste was really bland but I tend to cook bold flavorful meals. Don’t think I would make this again.drunkenchef53Middletown NY01/30/19Followed this recipe but tossed in 2.5 lbs of chicken. Turned out very well even with 2.5 lbs of chicken. Cooked it for 70mins. Could easily increase, say double even triple, the red curry paste. Used 1 cup of coconut cream since that was all I had. The canned coconut: taste (I.e. the fat) is over the top and really makes this dish delish.This was last night's dinner, and we were way more than happy. I fully assembled the dish before baking, and let everything get to know each other, as a type of marinade in the fridge. When ready to bake I simply spooned liquid over the legs and proceeded. 60 minutes was the perfect timing.chefjeff1Sherman Oaks01/23/19

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